This Tiny Blonde Will Blow Your Mind By Housing A Giant, Triple-Sized Burrito In Under 10 Minutes

Kate Ovens is a 22-year-old competitive eater from the UK who posts videos of her many accomplishments to her YouTube channel. Ovens’ latest effort was to attempt to become the first woman to beat the Belly Buster Burrito challenge at the British Mexican food chain Zapatista, by consuming a monster burrito that consists of three tortillas, chicken, pulled pork, rice, beans, sour cream, and other assorted toppings in under 10 minutes.

Success would earn her a spot on the wall of fame. Failure would guarantee her photo of the wall of shame.

Suffice to say, Ovens beat the challenge with time to spare, housing the gigantic monstrosity in just eight minutes and 12 seconds. She probably would have finished it even quicker if the damn thing didn’t fall apart halfway through, because as it turns out, a giant burrito made out of three tortillas is not the most soundly-structured meal. After having finished, Ovens remarks that she doesn’t know why she doesn’t eat burritos more often, which is a good question because burritos — even ones over in the UK, probably — are delicious.

Zapatista congratulated Ovens by sharing her accomplishment on the restaurant’s Facebook page, inviting her to beat the record:

(Via Daily Mail)

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