"Blood and Chrome" Trailer Derivative, Still Kinda Cool

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03.21.12 9 Comments

SyFy just won’t give up on the “Battlestar Galactica” prequels, will they? First there was the somewhat underappreciated “Caprica”, and now we’ve got “Blood and Chrome”, detailing Adama’s career in the Cylon War.

As you’ll probably notice from the trailer, it’s a lot more action-oriented, which to us raises the question of who this series is for, exactly. Then again, this is SyFy; they still air wrestling. It’s also using lots of virtual sets and more CGI, less constructed sets and model work.

Either way, the series at least looks like it might be fun, even if the trailer is a blatant ripoff of the much better “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trailer. Judge for yourself under the jump.

image courtesy SyFy

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