‘Bloodborne’ Has A Thankfully Brief Delay

2015 promises to be an exciting year for games, partially because all the games we were excited for in 2014 got delayed to next year. And the delays are still coming, as Bloodborne, the most exciting exclusive for the PS4 we’ve seen, has gotten pushed back. But not for long.

Yep, Bloodborne will now be arriving a month or so later, in order to fix problems that came up during the alpha, according to the official PlayStation blog:

We were really grateful for all the player data and feedback we received from those who took part in our recent limited alpha test, and this extra development time will allow us to better integrate these learnings into the game.

Bloodborne takes place in Yharnam, a city that supposedly keeps a potent medical advance somewhere in its walls. Unfortunately, the citizens of the city are infected with some sort of virus that turns them into horrible monsters, so your quest quickly shifts from getting a cure to escaping the vicious hordes. It’s developed by From Software, most notable for the beloved hard-as-nails Souls games, but this game is simultaneously more aggressive, with weapons that change modes and let you clean house and the only way to get health being to stab your enemies repeatedly.

You also get firearms, which promise to be highly entertaining. Here’s some gameplay footage, to get a better sense of what you’re in for this March.