People Were Freaked Out By A Massive Flashing Blue Light Over New York City

12.27.18 7 months ago 4 Comments


Twitter, though it is mostly a place to discuss the latest Milkshake Ducking these days, is still a great source of news. When things happen, you’ll probably hear about it first on the social media platform teeming with people ready to speculate about fault it was.

So when people in New York City started sharing videos of a mysterious blue light flashing over the city on Thursday night, people kind of freaked out. Was it the apocalypse finally ready to swallow 2018 whole? Is it aliens invading Queens? Or was there some kind of transformer failure and the weather conditions are just right to make a significant portion of America’s largest city glow like a Kmart back in the day?

Twitter was flooded with camera videos and pictures of a blue flash hovering over, well, it depends on which part of New York the videos were taken from. Some said it was Long Island City. Others said Queens. And some just said it was in New York City. There’s a lot of city there, it’s dark, and perspective is misleading sometimes. But anyway, there was a lot of light flashing in the fog and dark of the city.

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