Watch Comedian Bo Burnham Completely Annihilate A Stage-Climbing Heckler

If you’re not familiar with Bo Burnham, he’s a stand-up comedian who was once one of Judd Apatow’s proteges (he was in one of the fake trailers in Funny People), had an MTV show that lasted a year — Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous — and has released several funny specials and comedy albums. Last night, during one of his shows in Atlanta, someone decided to climb on stage.

It didn’t work out so well for that person.

Burnham not only hilariously laid into the stage-climber (“You’re gentle, and you’re lost. I wish you the best, and I really want you to kill yourself.”), but also his own security guard (“Larry, this is you f*cking up. This is you not doing your job. In human form.”).