Every Time The Belchers Reminded You Of What It’s Like To Have Siblings

03.14.16 3 years ago


Sibling relationships can be a complex thing. Even if you’re close, there are still the little family tics that can add some interesting layers to the dynamic. However, sibling-hood is, above all else, totally weird. Between the secrets and inside jokes, you and your siblings are bound to have some bizarre quirks that no one else would understand. While family dynamics are a topic that’s been mined many, many times, few shows have nailed what it’s like to have a brother or sister quite as well as Bob’s Burgers. Sure, they might be 2-D cartoons, but the Belchers are every bit as flesh and blood as any other family on television.

Whether you’re awkward like Tina, unique like Gene, or ambitious like Louise, you’ve probably related at least once to the sibling bonding seen on screen.

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