Bodega Cat Is King Of The Urban Jungle

After watching the short mockmentary below earlier today, I was determined to find a way to stick it in a post, but since it’s now the end of the day and is just too good to ignore, it gets its own post, which is probably the way things were meant to be in the first place.

If you’ve never lived in New York City, you’ve probably never met a bodega cat. But they’re pretty damn awesome cats, as cats go, and cats are pretty damn awesome on their own. As the narrator of this short film by Internet’s Celebrities points out, bodega cats are “domesticated cats with the feral swagger of a wild animal” — alternating effortlessly between being a loving friend to both patron and proprietor, while also striking fear into the dark little hearts of any and all vermin that dare trespass on its terrain.

I once saw a Yemeni bodega owner in Bushwick pull out a gun and threaten to shoot a homeless man who tried to steal his bodega cat. Had he done it, I certainly wouldn’t have spoken to the police about it. Disheveled, smelly dude would’ve deserved the lead, because you don’t f*ck with someone’s bodega cat.

Bodega cat: Great cat, or greatest cat? You decide.

(HT: Gothamist)