A Dead Body Was Discovered Decaying In A Recently Purchased Home

In the past month, folks have been stumbling upon dead bodies while playing Pokemon Go. This wasn’t only an isolated incident that happened in Wyoming, as a trainer in New Hampshire also had the misfortune to discover a decomposed body a week later. For a new homeowner in Simi Valley, California they didn’t need to wander their city trying to catch a Clefairy to find a dead body, they just needed to look in one of their bedrooms.

According to The LA Times the new homeowner who wants to remain unidentified purchased the Simi Valley house from 75-year-old Mary Karacas and her 84-year-old boyfriend Salvatore Orefice back in July for $430,000. In what sounds like the opening scene to a 1970’s low budget horror movie, the owner arrived at the home this weekend and discovered the body of Orefice in one of the bedrooms. The new homeowner immediately contacted police, and during the investigation, Karacas was persuaded by police to go to her former residence.

She was arrested for murder and is currently being held at the Ventura County Jail. Karacas told detectives that she and Orefice were arguing over financial matters after they lost their house a month ago. Karacas, who was described by neighbors as “a nice person who would ask to borrow sugar” told police that she shot her boyfriend. A murder weapon has been discovered, but it is unknown at this time exactly how long Orefice’s body was left in the bedroom.

(Via KABC/ LA Times)