“Boldly Gone” Is Boldly Hilarious

Ever wonder about the second-stringers of the Federation? You know, the guys who don’t violate the Prime Directive all the time, who negotiate peace treaties, who escort diplomats, who do their jobs quietly and effectively? The ones we only care about when they go nuts, get their ship wiped out by an alien parasite, or stumble onto the Negative Space Wedgie of the week and get killed? Those guys?

Kevin Church and Ming Doyle do, and they’ve launched the funniest Star Trek tribute we’ve seen in a long time, Boldy Gone.

There are two things that stand out about “Boldly Gone”. First, the art manages to evoke classic “Trek” while still retaining its own style. Secondly, the writing, while funny, is already full of nice touches. Our lead sad sack, Captain Meredith, isn’t an incompetent idiot; he’s just competent, and resents that showboating d-bag Kirk. And the first strip alone has a punchline that’s simultaneously deeply nerdy and hilariously unexpected.

In other words, if you love “Trek”, give this a read.