Bookmaker Offering 100-1 Odds For Giving Birth The Same Day As Kate Middleton

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Depending on how serious of a conspiracy theorist you are, Kate Middleton, AKA The Dutchess of Cambridge and Pippa’s Sister, is currently three months pregnant, which puts her on pace for a late July delivery, according to the Antonio Cromartie Guide to Understanding Child Birth. Longton (England) resident Michelle Scott is also roughly three months pregnant, and that gave her a right ol’ idea to visit the local bookmaker and find out what odds they would give her on popping her own less-than-royal baby out on the same day as Kate.

Turns out, that’s a 100-1 bet. Unfortunately, my bookie refuses to take my bet that any woman will also give birth that day. Oh well, back to playing “Guess the Gender” at the gynecologist. As for Michelle, like all of the best gamblers, she has a hell of a system.

Michelle, who works for a solicitors as a paediatric nurse witness and at Royal Blackburn Hospital, used her expert knowledge to pinpoint Kate’s pregnancy.

She said: “I calculated that Kate was probably six weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with her severe morning sickness.

“And the hyperemesis gravidarum that she was experiencing probably puts her pregnancy on the same timeline as mine.

“We’ve just had the scan and the baby was very active in the images and I anticipate that Kate is now also about 12 weeks pregnant. I estimate that there is no more than a week’s difference between us.

“We announced our expected new arrival to friends and family last weekend after the scan and just ahead of Kate and William’s official announcement.

“When she was taken into hospital, the pregnancy had not been announced and I suspect that is because it was very early in the first trimester. (Via the Lancashire Evening Post)

That is some impressive analysis right there. In fact, I’d be pretty worried if I were the chaps at the William Hill bookmaker. And you can bet your royal rump that they are.

Rupert Adams, William Hill spokesman said: “We’ve had plenty of bets on the Royal baby, but this is the first pregnant mum who has called William Hill ahead of the midwife.

“We’re all sweating here now and pacing the floor as we think we might have given her too big a price.

“We took the bet without realising Michelle was a medical expert, but we stand to lose £3,000 if her bet and that of her parents come in.

£3,000. That’s it? So they just bet £10 each? That’s pretty weak. Granted, I don’t actually know how much that is when translated to dollars, but I was hoping this would involve at least six figures. Even the Royal Fetus is disappointed:

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