This 100-Year-Old Woman Says ‘A Lot Of Booze’ Is Her Secret To Long Life

If there is anything that the world’s centenarian population has taught us, it’s that there are no right ways to eat or drink to guarantee a long life — except to completely disregard every health tip that guarantees a long life. Superfoods aren’t going to do it, veganism isn’t going to do it, and there is no magic pill. But there is happiness, and oftentimes, happiness comes from “a lot of booze.”

That is the secret magic potion endorsed by Pauline Spagnola, a Pennsylvania resident who just celebrated her 100th birthday and was asked what her secret was to living so long. “A lot of booze.”

So start your weekend drinking now, because it doesn’t matter when you drink — we’re all going to die at some point, some of us later than others, and you could be the lucky one to make it to 100! But you’ll have to buy all the 99-year-olds a round.

Source: Palm Beach Post

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