Handsome Jack Gets His Own 'Borderlands' Fan Film With 'Jack's Exodus'

Below is the teaser for Jack’s Exodus, a not-for-profit Borderlands fan film by Machinima, Manifest Film, and Veritas Gold. They’re screening the short film at the Games on Film Festival in Washington DC next Friday, with (they say) a series coming after that. It’s low-budget for sure, but I’ll take any Borderlands I can get, and the costumes and makeup were well done.

Jack’s Exodus was written and directed by Anthony Pietromonaco, starring Joel Hebner as Handsome Jack; Eric Gable as Zero; and Eric Jeong, Jenny Burpee, and Tibault Laport as the Psychos. The story takes place after Borderlands 2 and follows Handsome Jack as he respawns in Pandora and has to get back to the Hyperion Satellite before he loses his position as President of the Hyperion Corporation.

This film also has the distinction of registering the web address jacksexodus, which I totally didn’t read as Jack’s Exodus at first. I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed.

(H/T: Kotaku. Banner image courtesy of jacksexodus.)