A Bosnian Beauty Queen Lands In Prison For A Bizarre Murder Scheme

The Facebook caption for this Playboy cover aimed for self deprecation but appears all too ominous. The last strange story of this caliber involved two Colombian model sisters who allegedly tortured and kidnapped a fellow model after a dated history of online trolling. This story takes it to the street with a story of mob ties and a murder ring, which ended with Bosnian model Slobodanka Tosic in prison.

Police linked Tosic to five murders after she was busted for a failed hit on a gangster. Bosnian prosecutors, who were investigating one of the country’s most notorious organized crime groups, discovered Tosic’s deeds after she ensnared the heart of Balkan kingpin Djordje Zdrale. She professed love for him and eventually led him into an ambush. After authorities extradited Tosic from Croatia to Bosnia, Zdrale testified how crushed he felt when he discovered rivals were waiting to kill him.

As if this story wasn’t crazy enough, the name of the crime sting used to arrest Tosic (and 31 others) was called “Operation Doll.” The 29-year-old model received a 2 1/2-year prison sentence, and her cronies were also taken down on a number of murder, robbery, and money-laundering indictments. Zdrale survived his attack, but his ego shall never recover. Here are some photos of the woman who was nearly the end of him.

(Via New York Daily News, Page Six and CBS News)