Some Red Sox Fans Celebrated The World Series With Childish Joy. Others? Not So Much.

After a World Series filled with incredible and bizarre firsts, the Boston Red Sox collectively shouted, “FAHK YOU AN YAH FAHKIN DRAHMAH!” last night, as they easily and convincingly took care of the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 to secure the franchise’s eighth World Series Championship and first since 2007. Shane Victorino provided the bulk of the Game 6 damage for the Sox, as the Flyin’ Hawaiian broke out of his slump with a bases loaded double in the third inning, and that was all Boston would ever need in this 6-1 victory.

This was also the first time since 1915 that the Red Sox secured a World Series victory at home in Fenway Park, so by the 6th inning, with the score at 6-0, the fans in the stadium and basically the entire city were already buzzing. Hell, the Boston Police Department was Tweeting safety protocol by the 7th inning, because they were probably expecting the biggest party since Bar Stool’s epic Blackout rager at Boston U. You don’t even know how sick dat sh*t was, bruddah!

Of course, like any good championship in a major city, the results were also bordering on terrifying. As Deadspin has already pointed out, cars were flipped and a lot of people generally started acting like a-holes because, obviously, “Fuck that tree!” (2:20 mark for WTF fun.)

Regardless, congrats to the Red Sox and their fans on a hell of a season, no matter how hard Bobby Valentine could try to ruin it for everyone.

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