Watch This Woman Have A Giant Botfly Larvae Pulled From Her Lip, If You Can Handle It

This video isn’t entirely new but recently went viral after people caught wind of the horror within this woman’s inflated lip. This poor lady, who must have felt dreadful in the days leading up to her botfly removal procedure, certainly took some good stuff before the procedure. She seems much calmer than the average human as she glances down to see a wormlike creature being pulled from her mouth. Not only does she not squirm, she acts like this is just an average day in the life of a dentist-going woman.

The dentist also appears to believe this procedure ain’t no thing, but dentists see some sh*t on a daily basis. Much like a gynecologist or a divorce lawyer, very few people visit a dentist when things look good. This is especially the case in Central American countries where a botfly infection is not an uncommon occurrence. This woman is a stone-cold trooper. Not only did she not freak out or cry, but she also wore makeup for the procedure. She must have wanted to look good for the YouTube video. Yes, we live in a world where people gleefully post this stuff for fortune and fame.

(via BroBible)