There May Be Trouble For Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Blade Runner’ Food Market In NYC

Anthony Bourdain’s plans for a massive food market have hit a bit of a snag. His Blade Runner-inspired international food market was planned to be a food asylum, where New Yorkers were treated to a number of the delicasies Bourdain has sampled over the years.

A delicious proposal that hoped to house over 100 markets across 155,000 square feet. Who wouldn’t want to live Bourdain’s Gonzo-like lifestyle? The concept drawings and the vision board that is the Bourdain Market Instagram is enough to get foodies salivating for it to open:

But the proposal has cost a pretty penny as it is reported to be a $60 million undertaking. That seems like an awful lot for a recreation of a Singapore market. It was originally planned for the market to be located in the Meatpacking District’s Pier 57, but Bourdain and his investors have yet to sign a lease for the space. Reports state that the group is now considering Gansevoort Market for the space. The original goal for the market was to be open in 2015, but that purposed launch date was missed and it’s looking like the next date of 2017 may be missed as well. It now looks as if 2019 will be the opening date, if all goes according to plan.

This project is massive and no one can blame Bourdain for taking his time to plan it out. It would be better to wait longer for the vision to be fully realized, as opposed to opening a mediocre market just to appease the masses. To hold over impatient foodies in the meantime, there are plans to launch a Bourdain Market app in 2017. Surely this will fill the hole in people’s hearts till 2019.

(via Bourdain Market Instagram & Eater)