This Bowling Ball Being Crushed By A Hydraulic Press Is A Nightmarish Delight

The fine folks who make a habit of crushing random stuff at the Hydraulic Press Channel have upped their own ante with an explosive video. Until now, this channel has kept things relatively tame by trashing remote controls and other mundane targets, but underneath it all, these are simply some guys who have access to a press and enjoy destroying stuff. Their usual sign-off involves colored clay being squished, which makes for a fanciful display. Before that happens in this installment, some nightmarish, claustrophobic feelings occur when a bowling pin splinters and sandwiches underneath the press. The pin does not want to yield, yet the slow process is inevitable.

In sharp contrast, bowling balls seem indestructible but are no match for this press. The unlucky ball explodes a few moments after it meets its foe, which is hard to believe until the moment arrives. Anyone who’s unlucky enough to be standing anywhere near this press would be in danger from the impact of flying pieces, but there’s a perverse joy involved with watching a seemingly invincible object shatter upon impact.

Now, I couldn’t tell you why these guys made a “fruit salad” a few days ago. There’s no art or recipe to this. They’ve simply crushed the hell out of pineapple, watermelon, and a can of whipped cream, but it’s fun to watch.

In this not-as-eventful clip, the destroyers aimed to disprove the myth that paper cannot be folded in half more than seven times. They did not receive their desired results.