This Boxer Simply Did Not Like Being Left In A Car For 20 Minutes

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03.11.14 5 Comments

Meet Fern the boxer. Fern is the canine companion of Graham and Fiona Haddow, who recently decided to stop by an art gallery in Broughty Ferry (Scotland) while out driving with their beloved pet. After about 20 minutes in the gallery, they returned to their car to find a crowd of people gathered around it, most of them with cameras out. Confused by the scene, they approached the car and found Fern sitting in the driver’s seat with her paw planted firmly on the horn. This obviously raises several questions.

Was the dog aware of the horn and therefore pressing it to display her angst over being left alone in the automobile? Possibly.

Is there any further proof needed that dogs are the most awesome animals in the world and are a billion times cooler than cats? I don’t think so.

Will people ever turn their phones the right way when recording videos? Nope. Never.

Should NBC executives be on the phone with the Haddows to offer them a deal to turn Fern’s adventures into a new sitcom? Probably not, because that would be a good idea.

In conclusion, this dog is basically smarter than most Florida drivers.

(Via Metro)

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