This 6-Year-Old Boy Had His Penis Chomped Off By His Pet Horse

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This story reaches new heights of absurdity, especially since the boy in question appears to harbor no hard feelings against the horse in question. Fellas, if you had your penis casually removed by your pet, would you keep up the ruse of feeding and or/housing the creature? Few humans will ever know the bittersweet joy of unconditional love like this poor little fella.

Let’s just assume that this boy is far more evolved than the rest of us internet types. The Mirror presents the nightmarish details of an everyday, joyful bike ride gone awry. In an “extraordinary” attack, the boy gleefully cycled past his pet mare, and “the horse suddenly attacked him, knocked him to the ground and chewed off his member.” This is only the beginning of this bizarre story:

The child wailed from the horrendous pain and ran back to his shocked dad.

The bizarre incident occurred in the Zhytomyr Oblast region of northern Ukraine.

The mare is a family pet and pictures show the animal and child together.

The stunned father said: “I was dealing with the horses when I heard my boy screaming, ‘she bit it off, she bit it off!’

“I put my hands onto his crotch to stop the bleeding and called emergency services.”

Luckily, the boy’s father was able to locate the severed unit and put it on ice. Then he rushed his son to the hospital for a speedy surgery job. The boy’s surgeon, Igor Vishpinsky, says he’s “never experienced something like this.” Igor says he’s seen horses bite off fingers, but never a penis, especially not in an unprovoked attack like this one.

Surgery reunited the little boy with his penis, but doctors say it will take years to know if everything works as it should. This poor child! And yet he still adores this mare.

(Via The Mirror)