Brad Pitt Gets A Wife In The World War Z Film

It looks like the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ zombie apocalypse epic World War Z is picking up steam, as Deadline is reporting that Mireille Enos (AMC’s The Killing) is in talks to join the cast as Karin Lane, wife of Brad Pitt’s zombie chronicler character Gerald Lane. If you don’t recognize “Karin Lane” from the book, it’s because she’s not in there. But since we never learn anything about the book’s narrator (he doesn’t even have a name in the book, let alone “Gerald Lane”), it makes sense they’d have to flesh out his character a bit by giving him a wife.

There was some recent reports that Paramount was thinking of canceling the film based on it’s projected $125 million budget.  However, Deadline reported in March that Paramount was going in with several partners, including David Ellison’s Skydance, to help pick up the tab. And according to Bleeding Cool, the film is set to film in London and Pinewood Studios later this year.

Who’d have thought that filming the end of the world would be so pricey?