Brazzers Most Bizarre Adult Search Terms Of 2016 Seriously Puts The ‘Freak’ In Freaky


You may think the weird stuff you look at on the internet is between you and your god, but websites — particularly adult entertainment websites — are constantly tracking and recording and logging data, so when it comes down it it nothing is safe from prying eyes. Case in point, Brazzers put together some statistics of the most bizarre search terms the adult site saw in 2016, starting with the top 10 states that had unique keywords that were searched more than the rest of the country: California, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida — as you can see in the illuminating infographic below.

Texas led with the most unique search terms, including keywords such as “cousin,” “hot dog,” “alien,” piss,” “joystick” and “mom and son,” while Florida (of course, Florida) took home second place with searches for “sh*t,” “sh*t on d*ck,” “vampire,” “burglar,” and “caught.” Shout out to Virginia for being the state that searched “sister” the most, you filthy animals.

Next up were the honorable mentions, as in states that didn’t quite make the top 10 but deserve a shout out for “Pokemon” (Arkansas, Connecticut, and New York), “Fisting” (Minnesota), and “Piss Drinker” (Vermont).

The next infographic tracks the increases and decreases over the course of the past year, and as you can see there’s been a surge in “mom and son,” “caught,” and “granny,” while the country’s general disdain for law enforcement carried over into its private adult viewing habits.

Finally Brazzers put together the five states with the least bizarre porn searches: Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts (that one comes as a surprise), Rhode Island, and West Virginia. In the words of the great Jake Peralta: “Ya boring!