This Six-Year-Old Girl Destroying At A Breakdancing Battle Is Just What The World Needs

A little girl dubbed “Dora the Destroyer” by YouTube has saved all the rec centers at a breakdancing battle. This adorable Bgirl (real name Terra) served so many faces at Chelles Battle Pro 2013 in France this weekend. As someone who’s been enthusiastically making “save the rec center with sweet dance moves” jokes since the ’90s, then recycling all of those jokes as Channing Tatum became famous, finding these videos last night was the perfect way to start my week.

Terra starts serving at 44 seconds into the first video, although the older boy is also worth watching. As technically skilled as he is, we still would have given the title to the six-year-old, not just because she’s younger but also because she varied her breakdancing routine, threw in some unique moves, and brought all the confidence (and an air flare!). Also, she skipped back to her corner after the routine. How adorable is that?


And round two.

All of these kids made me realize I’ve done nothing with my life. Happy Monday, everyone!

(H/T: Neatorama and MoBo1982)