‘Breaking Bad’ And ‘Star Wars’ Are Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Made by Tip

The goons at Something Awful mashed up scenes and characters from Breaking Bad with scenes and characters from Star Wars. Do we need to make an excuse for mashing up two storylines as beloved as Breaking Bad and Star Wars? No, we don’t. They’re both awesome, it’s Friday, and we’re still spinning from that midseason finale.

Twenty of our favorite Breaking Bad and Star Wars photoshops and gifs made by the Something Awful goons are collected below, along with a very special video. Spoilers. There are definitely some spoilers. I mean, thanks a lot to Something Awful for totally spoiling the eventual reveal that Walt Jr. was General Grievous this whole time. I did not see that coming.

Made by VectorSigma

Made by Robotnik DDS

Made by Big L

Thanks for the nightmares, Metanaut.

Made by Larch Tote

Made by Lord Krangdar

Made by Aatrek

Made by thexerox123

Made by MetalMan

Made by Big L

Made by thexerox123

Made by Ozz81

Made by Bloody Hedgehog/ ghosthorse

Made by Sarcastic_MrFox

Made by Tip

Made by Fenring

Made by Tip

Made by The NPR Store

“Yoda Destroys An Evidence Locker” made by Tip

Awesome YouTube comment: “YEAH, BITCH! THE FORCE!”

Check out the rest of the pictures at Something Awful.