'The Breaking Bad Art Project' Rings All Of Our Bells

The Breaking Bad Art Project opened Monday night at Gallery1988’s Melrose location in Los Angeles, and the pictures are now online. Organized by Breaking Gifs (the site launched by live discussion awesome dude Paul Scheer), the show features 17 posters and other Breaking Bad inspired works. These great works will be on display until this Sunday, after which they’ll move to their rightful place in The Louvre [citation needed].

A small number of these are still for sale at Gallery 1988, and 20% of all proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Some of the art contains spoilers if you haven’t seen every episode (and why haven’t you?). All pictures come courtesy of Gallery 1988, WIRED, Mike Mitchell, Laughing Squid, /film, Culture Popped, and Flavorwire. There’s a direct link to individual sources underneath each photo as well.

(Click pictures to enlarge.)

Casey Weldon’s Wooly Walter White (and it actually works) [via]

Joey Spiotto’s Walt and the Bad Breakers – Blue Sky [via]

Jesse Pinkman by Rhys Cooper [via]

Ken Taylor’s Breaking Bad [via]

Lora Zombie’s Blue Meth Rain [via]

Nicole Guice’s I Spy Heisenberg [via]

Tio Salamanca by Tom Whalen [via]

Ian Glaubinger’s Breaking Bad: The Animated Series [via]

Mike Mitchell’s The Cooks [via]

Jesse Riggle’s Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer [via]

Lora Zombie’s Teddy Bear [via]

Brad Hill’s Mr. White [via]

Gus Fring by Anthony Petrie [via]

Scott Derby’s Knock, Knock [via]

JoKa’s Breaking Bad [via]

Mexican Shootout by Rich Kelly [via]

Ken Garduno’s Cooks [via]

Ken Garduno’s Salamancas [via]

Aled Lewis’s I Am The Danger [via]

Lora Zombie’s Mr. White [via]

Matt Taylor’s The Dance Of Mister Heisenberg and Santa Muerte [via]

4 prints by Mike Mitchell

Rich Pellegrino’s You Are A Blowfish [via]

Better Call Saul by Chris Delorenzo [via]

Ken Garduno’s Hola DEA [via]

Flight 515 by Justin Santora [via]