12 'Breaking Bad' Comics Guaranteed To Make Hardcore Fans Laugh Their Minerals Off

I made a shameful confession a while back that I was pretty much the only person on the internet who didn’t watch Breaking Bad (I seemingly make shameful confessions every week so I doubt any of you remember). It’s not that I had anything against the show or lacked the desire to get hooked, it’s just I’d missed a few windows for whatever reason (I’m sure boats and hoes were involved) and I was planning to pick my spot for a proper binge.

Well everyone, I’m happy to announce I’m all caught up and officially as obsessed with the show as everyone else. I fully realize I lack the street cred of an early adopter, but I’m OK with that as there’s always something fun and kind of surreal about binging through a show and getting completely immersed in it. As I mentioned yesterday, “b*tch” just doesn’t sound right any more if it’s not coming out of Aaron Paul’s mouth.

Another result of catch up binging is foregoing any and all digestion time. This is great in some regards (eat me gap between Season 3 and Season 4) but also kind of irritating because some of the ridiculousness suspended reality allows you to disregard when you’re consuming fiction becomes more and more obvious when you’re burning through episodes at an unhealthy clip.

This is all a long-winded way of me explaining why I heart Breaking Bad Comics so hard. They combine my love of crude MS Paint drawings with the fleshing out of some of the more ridiculous aspects of the show. Perfect match. I wasn’t familiar with the saga that is the now suspended Breaking Bad Comics Tumblr until this morning, but Know Your Meme has all the info you could ever need on the subject. For the purposes of this post let’s just say these images aren’t as organized on the internet as they used to be and I’ve searched long and hard for the twelve I think are must see for anyone participating in our unofficial Breaking Bad countdown week. You’re all blowfish in my book.

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