BREAKING NEWS: Amy Poehler Now Has Red Hair

The David Lynch Foundation's DLF Live Celebration Of The 60th Anniversary Of Allen Ginsberg's "HOWL" With Music, Words, And Funny People
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I don’t know how to say this, so: AMY POEHLER HAS RED HAIR. This is not a drill, or as Us Weekly suggests, “a belated April Fools’ joke.” Which I would hope not because, as a comedian, I would think Poehler could come up with a better April Fools’ joke than “making her hair a different color.”

So, Christina Hendricks has blonde hair and Amy Poehler has red hair. It’s like the entire universe is going topsy turvy! Are cats going to start chasing dogs now? Will we eat cereal with a fork and pasta with a spoon? Will McDonald’s start serving breakfast for dinner? (Oh, wait…)


Anyway, Poehler debuted her new hair at Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl With Music, Words, and Funny People” event in Los Angeles earlier this week, where Chris Parnell joined her onstage to perform a freestyle rap to Ginsberg’s poem The Ballad of Skeletons. If you’re wondering, I did find some video recorded by a person in the audience, and the performance is pretty great despite the video being shaky and blurry: