Brendan Dassey’s Mom Got A ‘Justice For Brendan’ Tattoo 20 Minutes Before His Conviction Was Overturned

News that Brendan Dassey’s conviction was overturned for the murder of Teresa Halbach caught everyone by surprise, none more so than Brendan’s mother Barb. Not an hour before a federal judge threw out the Making a Murderer subject’s false confession and ordered him released from jail, she and another family friend had received huge “Justice for Brendan” tattoos inked on their thighs.

Under the original sentence, the 16-year-old Dassey was set to rot in prison until 2048, when he’d be considered eligible for parole. Barring an appeal or retrial, however, he’ll be exiting his jail cell in 90 days and going home at the age of 26. With any luck, he’ll be enjoying WrestleMania with X-Pac come this April. Yet his mother doesn’t seem to mind having a tattoo that will be out of date pretty soon. According to TMZ, she considers it a “good luck charm of sorts.”

Plus there’s more justice to be sought — like the millions Dassey and his family can sue for after getting railroaded by the state of Wisconsin and his corrupt defense lawyer, Len Kachinsky. Speaking of Kachinsky, he said he expected the state attorney general to appeal the latest decision to free Brendan, so the kid isn’t out of the woods yet. An appeal could take a year or more, and there’s no guarantee another judge would make the same ruling.

(Via BroBible)