Brent Spiner Throws Shade At His ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Costar In This Exclusive Clip

Brent Spiner is an acclaimed actor of stage and screen, and a consummate professional. That’s probably why it took him years to admit there was one actor on the Star Trek: The Next Generation that was the worst he ever worked with, which he reveals in this exclusive clip.

Namely, Spot, a feline who might actually be able to take a run at the title of the most beloved cat on the Internet. Onscreen, Spot was supposed to be an adorable little fuzzball teaching Data about the unpredictability of carbon based lifeforms. Off-screen, well… see the clip. He’s got his reasons.

This is part of the larger set of interviews and special features included in the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season Six. That includes new commentaries, an entirely new documentary, deleted scenes in HD, and other stuff well worth it for the fans. I’ve been picking these up as they come out and the interviews and commentaries can be refreshingly clear-eyed and honest about the show and how it came together; if you’re a fan, there’s always something substantial. Not to mention a gag reel which is a fountain of GIFs. So, keep an eye out for this next week.

Clip courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution

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