Things Got A Little Weird On Fox News When Brian Kilmeade Suggested That Sean Hannity Drinks Too Much To Host ‘Fox & Friends’

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade filled in for Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night, which led to kind of a weird exchange where Kilmeade seemingly called Sean Hannity a drunk live on the air. It all went down when Hannity got ready to hand things over to The Ingraham Angle, and the two hosts started bantering about how strange it was to see Kilmeade up this late. While the two tossed quips back and forth, Hannity said he’ll gladly give Kilmeade a wake-up call just as he’s getting ready to turn in at his usual 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. That prompted Kilmeade to jokingly ask if Hannity can fill in for him in the morning, paving the way for the crack about Hannity’s drinking.

Via The Wrap:

“The odds of me getting up in time to be ready for ‘Fox & Friends’… pretty low,” said Hannity, who advised he’d need a little bit more of a warning if he were ever to take a morning slot.

“And you’ll smell like liquor,” said Kilmeade. “We don’t want that.”

“Probably,” replied Hannity nonchalantly. “Yeah, no doubt.”

You can watch the clip below and notice how the off-camera crew couldn’t keep from laughing after Kilmeade ribbed Hannity about his drinking.

While the barb about Hannity’s drinking might’ve been playful banter, with a kernel of truth, it’s definitely not a secret that Hannity vapes between commercial breaks. In mid-March, no one gave the Fox host a heads up that the show was back on the air, and he was caught ripping a vape pen before realizing viewers could see him. He quickly tossed the pen and dropped a sheepish “uh oh” before getting things back on track.

(Via The Wrap)