The Truth Is Finally Revealed About Bears Being Attracted To Menstruation

We can all pretend we had heard the myth before the movie Anchorman, but it became the true stuff of urban legends after Brick casually mentioned how “bears can smell the menstruation.” It was only a matter of time before science stepped in and took a massive bear sh*t on this awesome theory, and wouldn’t you know it, they finally have:

Due to widespread concern that menstruating women might be attacked by black bears (Ursus americanus), we recorded responses of 26 free-ranging black bears to tampons from 26 women and recorded responses of 20 free-ranging bears to 4 menstruating women in northeastern Minnesota.Menstrual odors were essentially ignored by black bears of all ages and either sex, regardless of season or the bear’s reproductive status. In an extensive review of black bear attacks across North America, we found no instance of black bears attacking or being attracted to menstruating women.

So while nature loving women everywhere may be breathing a deep sigh of relief that they stand no greater chance of being mauled by a bear than anyone else, I find myself saddened by the news. Saddened that another movie lied to me. What next? I find out chasing after a girl I love and delivering a powerful monologue in the rain won’t win her back?

Via DiscoverMagazine