Here’s A Bride That Was Left At The Altar And Decided To Turn Her Dress Into A Work Of Art

Shelby Swink was five days away from her wedding when the unthinkable happened: her fiance called everything off, telling her he wasn’t in love with her. If you’ve planned a wedding, you can imagine the amount of work that goes into actually attempting to cancel a wedding. The phone calls, the lost deposits, and having to find a new home because you clearly can’t go on living with the person who was supposed to be your husband — all that on top of unbearable heartbreak.

But, for Swink, a “pity party” wasn’t in the cards. When the going gets tough, the tough get crafty, bust out some paint and champagne, and go Pollack on this b*tch:

Swink wrote about her “trash the dress” experience for Offbeat Bride. Her dress is on display at Barefoot Bride, a bridal shop in Memphis. A portion of sales while her dress is on display will go toward a local nonprofit for women.

Her dad posted this video with clips from the photo shoot as well as more pics from the day. Way to go, Shelby. Sounds like you’ll be just fine.

Source: Offbeat Bride