This Bride Shared Her Hilariously Bad Wedding Photos As A Cautionary Tale For Other Brides-To-Be

As someone who has been through it myself, one piece of wedding advice I can never stress enough to engaged couples is to find a good wedding photographer. Yes, a reputable photographer will set you back. Yes, it’s worth it. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way by hiring an amateur trying to build out her portfolio by working on the cheap, and five years later, have still never bothered to put together a wedding album because after all was said and done, we received a flash drive full of dark and grainy pictures.

Another woman who had a similar experience is putting her bad photos out there so that she might help at least one other bride from making the same mistake. Jaclyn Ying of Singapore posted the following photos on Facebook and writes that she got angry and shed tears, but ultimately just had to laugh about her bad wedding pics by sharing them on social media.

Here’s the lowdown — we got one of those “bao ka liao” wedding packages that included actual day photography from a pretty reputable bridal shop. Before we signed on, we were told that while we couldn’t choose our photographer, the standard of the talent pool was consistent. Naturally (and being Singaporean), we asked, “sure annot.” And were promptly shown a portfolio of actual day photos.

Like me, Ying shrugged and figured, “How bad could it be?” In a nutshell: Bad. Or, as she colorfully puts it, “trust-a-fart-and-a-bit-of-poop-comes-out bad.” The photos she and her husband received included unprofessional “candid” shots, poor angles, and photos with bizarre filters and coloring.

Below are just a handful of the bad photos, and you can view the rest here. Consider this your warning if you should ever plan a wedding.

For what it’s worth, the photographer did apologize to the couple, but we imagine that’s probably of little consolation to them now.

(Via Daily Mail)

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