A British Man Died After Accidentally Drinking $54,000 Worth Of Liquid Meth

A 55-year-old man from London recently passed away after drinking what he thought was a “fruit-based drink given to him by his daughter.” But it actually turned out to be $54,400 worth of pure methamphetamine, which jesus. Even Walter White wouldn’t wish something that awful on his enemies, and he turned many kids into orphans.

After drinking half a glass, [Romano Dias] reportedly said it tasted “awful” and began complaining of a burning in his throat. He then purportedly said: “I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead.”

It was later determined the liquid was not juice, but $54,400 (£34,000) worth of pure methamphetamine, according to Cambridge News. The bottle was delivered to Dias’ daughter’s home some three years ago under the correct address but a wrong name. She kept the package for months and eventually gave it to her father. Detective Inspector Ian Simmons said, due to the high value of the contents, officials believe the bottle was destined for a drug dealer who may have been planning to introduce meth to the area. (Via)

“I am dying, I am dead.” Romano Dias was an honest man…But seriously, this is awful. Ban juice.

(Via Huffington Post)