Broncos-Patriots Live Blog, Second Half

Oh, what a wonderful half it’s been. A Manning-Brady narrative fest that produces a grand total of 142 passing yards.

The Broncos started things off with a first down and a punt. Just enough Patriots competency to make you worry they might have a strong showing tonight.

But then a Stevan Ridley fumble was scooped up by Von Miller and returned for the always appreciated CHICKEN FARMER TOUCHDOWN. Here is Tom Brady’s tackle attempt on that return. I’m still cackling.

That was the first of five Patriots fumbles. Each was more beautiful than the last.

Tom Brady was then strip sacked. It led to a Knowshon Moreno touchdown to make it 14-0. Then LeGarrette Blount fumbled, but it only yielded a Broncos field goal to push it to 17-0.

Brady was experiencing consistent pressure, something he’s been unaccustomed to throughout his career. He responded to it like you thought he might, by screaming NOOOOOOOO like it was the end of human history.

Knowshon Moreno has 107 yards rushing through the half. For a while, since he went down, teams haven’t exploited Vince Wilfork’s absence as much as I thought they might, but tonight it really shows.