‘Bros Being Basic’ Is Almost Definitely Going To Be Your New Favorite Instagram Account

This new “Bros Being Basic” Instagram account, which was just started two days ago but had already amassed quite the number of posts, is my new favorite thing ever. By the way, if you’re unclear exactly what being a basic bro entails, BroBible helpfully put together this guide last April — my favorite one being “Do you order chicken parm at 75% of the Italian restaurants you go to?”

Anyway, Bros Being Basic. This one focuses more on your basic bro who likes the finer things in life, like wine, skin care, reading and clothes — which makes it even more hilarious. I’m not sure who the mastermind behind this account is, but the guy up there in the header image appears in more than one photo, so there’s a good chance either it’s him or his lady. Please let it be his lady, because if so, this is one of the more brilliant boyfriend shaming vehicles I’ve seen in my time.

Here’s some more of my favorites: