ThinkGeek Wins A Festive April Fool’s Day While Pornhub Makes Everyone Nervous

04.01.17 12 months ago 5 Comments


April Fool’s Day is here, which means we’ve spent a day being confused and delighted by brands as they market themselves in a way only late stage capitalism can make possible: Fake ads! Rather than go the “best and worst” of April Fool’s Day route, we decided to give you only the best since it seems like everyone got into the goofy action this year. There were some seriously high-quality pranks today.

We got full-on productions from Netflix to a massive amount of fake commercials and products from Google (Ms. Pac-Man!) to a whole lot of innovation no one would ever need. It was fun, it was weird, and Pornhub stressed everyone out.

Oh yeah, and Ikea infuriated some parents.

Probably the most satisfying prank today was Netflix Live starring Will Arnett, who live commentated over such thrilling things as bread turning into toast, and a microwave heating up some food. It was surprisingly funny and watchable, but April Fool’s Day brings out something weird in all of us, doesn’t it? Good content!


Netflix Live has been canceled.

Childhoods were ruined by Paul Feig today, if only for a brief second:

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