Bruce Campbell Says He’s Ready For ‘Army of Darkness 2’. Groovy.

Back in March, Sam Raimi said he and his brother planned to write the script for Evil Dead 4 over the summer. We didn’t know if Bruce Campbell — who had one line in the Evil Dead reboot/sequel — would be written into that script. We now know that Bruce Campbell is down to play Ashley “Ash” J. Williams again if the role were offered. He talked about it at Wizard World Nashville Comic-Con on Friday when a fan asked if he’d make Army of Darkness 2.

He started with a self-effacing joke — which was a bit of a burn on Comic-Cons as well — saying, “Sam Raimi is just a little bit busy making the biggest movies in Hollywood. I used to be busy. Now I’m not. That’s why I’m here.”

When the fan told him a lot of people would want to see [Army of Darkness 2], Campbell said, “Ash would have to stop occasionally from chasing some deadite to catch his breath. Maybe we could do that, I guess. That would be exciting. Fight in a walker. That would be alright. Hit them with my cane. Fake them out, have a fake heart attack, distract a zombie. I like it.”

Then Campbell got more serious, and he added, “Alright sir, the answer is yes.” [Comic Book via Screenrant]

It’s been 22 years since the Army of Darkness, so it would be interesting to see how they fill in that gap, assuming the sequel ever happens. Maybe they could chalk it up to Ash taking a lot of naps. He’s been known to sleep too long….

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