The Internet Responded To The Brussels Lockdown With An Oddly Appropriate Cat Meme

Brussels remains on lockdown after a weekend under the highest terrorism alert level possible for Belgium. Sunday saw a dramatic number of raids (more than 20 of them with at least 16 arrests) upon suspicious parties. The city’s still under high alert after a “serious and imminent” threat of a coordinated attack similar to the terrorism unleashed in Paris.

The lockdown has left Brussels residents unable to go shopping and attend scheduled events. Law enforcement is handling the threat with the utmost seriousness, as Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel continued to stress how “precise information” has led authorities to believe how “it is a threat based on the theory that it would take place with arms and explosives, maybe even in several places and at the same time.” The threat looms large, and people are certainly safer at home than out and about.

As Belgian police continue to pursue a key Paris suspect, authorities asked residents to stay silent and not reveal details of the threats online. So, a number of Twitter users have responded with cat photos. Some of these pictures were a bright spot in an otherwise terrifying weekend.