Bryan Cranston Helped An Eager High Schooler Ask A Girl To The Prom

While some teens are asking Netflix to the prom (because they’re going to end up watching Wild Things on Instant later that night anyway?), others are taking, y’know, actual humans. Or at least they want to. Rather than straight-up ask a girl if she’d do him the honor, blah blah blah, one high school student in New York got none other than HEISENBERG himself, Bryan Cranston, to help him out.

After a thrilling performance from Cranston and cast in the limited engagement production of All the Way on Broadway, the ever accessible and accommodating award-winning actor signed autographs and took pictures with us true fans. But what he did for this one young man waiting next to me will make every Breaking Bad fan squeal with delight. I’m in love.

Also, someone please tell me that she said yes! This boy’s face was so adorably excited.

Apparently she said yes. We all know what happens when someone tells Heisenberg “no.”

Short version:

Long version:

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