If You’re Dressed As One Of The X-Men At Comic-Con, Bryan Singer Will Buy You Dinner

Maybe next year, Superman.

Fox’s Comic-Con panel for X-Men: Days Of Future Past starts at 4:15 PM in San Diego today. To promote the film, the studio released another look at the Sentinel Mark I (previous picture here) and a GIF of the Trask Industries logo. Those pictures are below. To sweeten the deal with the delicious specter of death via diabetes, Bryan Singer tweeted out a tantalizing offer.

If you’ve got an X-Men costume in the San Diego area, get down there and eat your weight in Angus. Do it for America. USA! USA! USA!

Here’s one person who wants in on the deal:

That’s Daniel Cudmore, the guy who plays Colossus as seen in the leaked character headshots.

The two promo photos are below, in which Fox invites us to “celebrate 50 years of human progress”. Heck yeah. Fifty years of human progress so we can get absurdly large on Six Dollar Burgers that don’t cost six dollars because get your math outta my face and put Angus into it instead! ‘MURICA.

[Sources: Bleeding Cool and CBM. Banner picture by T K via Creative Commons.]