Bum The Cross-Eyed Cat Is Ready To Be Your New Instagram Favorite

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Everyone thinks their pet is cute enough to become internet famous. If you just put a little time and effort into their Instagram account, the world will see what you see. However, if your pet has a unique quirk like this cat, all’s the better. Bum the cross-eyed cat has been gathering a loyal following on Instagram, in part due to his perpetually worried expression. However, his owner Courtney Morman, who rescued him last year, explains that his worries are only superficial, and that he’s in fact “super silly and happy.”

“He just has perpetually crossed eyes,” Morman, 24, said. “His eyes and lids are also shaped a little funny, but other than that, he’s totally fine. He’s been seen by a vet and nothing is wrong with him.”

On top of sharing her adorable feline with the internet, she wants to raise awareness for animal shelters, hoping that her followers will spread the word to “adopt, don’t shop.” For his part, Bum has been a great help in transitioning other cats into their new homes.

“He’s helped raise a few litters and is a wonderful companion to other cats we take in who are recovering from injuries,” Morman said.

If there was ever a message worth sharing online, it’s that one. So many animals need homes, and who knows? Your new best friend could be waiting for you at the local shelter.

(Via ABC News)

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