A Bombshell Report Says Trump Has Been Secretly Plotting With Russia To Build A Tower In Moscow, And People Are Losing It

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Late Thursday night, Buzzfeed News, of all places, dropped what may be the biggest bombshell so far in the investigation into President Trump’s ties with Russia. Not to invalidate their reporting, of course, but it’s just so very 2019 that the digital media outlet once best known for quizzes such as “Make A Pizza And We’ll Reveal The Title Of Your Sex Tape” (actual quiz) could be the ones to finally blow the lid off this whole thing.

At any rate, Buzzfeed’s reported claims would certainly explain why Trump seems to be increasingly losing it. According to their reporting, then-candidate Trump was personally orchestrating meetings with Russia in order to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, and then directed his now-prison-bound former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about it. This included a planned visit to Russia while on the campaign trail in hopes of meeting with President Vladimir Putin himself, and Trump’s children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., are likewise implicated.

The smoking (or “smocking gun,” if you will) at the heart of the story is that it makes it the first known instance of Trump directly instructing a subordinate to lie to Congress about his business ties with Russia. It’s no wonder Giuliani is so spooked. From Buzzfeed:

On the campaign trail, Trump vehemently denied having any business interests in Russia. But behind the scenes, he was pushing the Moscow project, which he hoped could bring his company profits in excess of $300 million. The two law enforcement sources said he had at least 10 face-to-face meetings with Cohen about the deal during the campaign.

To little surprise, as soon as the report dropped, Twitter absolutely lit up at the news, celebrating the first possible nail in Trump’s coffin while cracking jokes about where the source reporting came from.

Meanwhile, Trump has yet to comment about the story on Twitter, however he did tweet out a Breitbart conspiracy theory from several years ago that’s just been making the rounds again.

If the accusations are indeed true, it’s probably only the tip of the iceberg of what Mueller has got, so at this point any comment whatsoever from Trump on the subject would probably be unwise, to say the least.