This Drunk Husband Got Jail Time For Throwing Cadbury Eggs At His Wife’s Head

Chocolate Production Continues At Cadbury During Hostile Takeover Bids
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A man has been jailed for eight weeks after he reportedly tried to force his way into his wife’s home and ended up throwing Cadbury Mini Eggs at her face.

The Easter candy factor makes the whole situation seem like a bad joke, but in reality, the circumstances are really no laughing matter. On March 3, Darren Humphries lost his temper after his estranged wife Claire would not let him into her house to see their children. The couple is still married but have been separated since February 2014. Humphries was intoxicated at the time of the incident and was refused entry. That’s when the situation escalated:

Humphries forced the door open and grabbed his wife by the jaw causing her to fall back into the house.

He then picked up a packet of the chocolate treats – which had been bought for Easter – and began throwing individual eggs at her head.

JPs were told Mrs Humphries managed to call police and her husband was arrested at the property in Windermere Drive, Worcester.

Humphries has pleaded guilty to assault by beating and using violence to secure entry to a premise, and though his attorney argued that Claire’s injuries were “not extensive,” one of the reasons given for the severity of his sentence was the fact that it happened in front of his children. Seeing a drunk father pelting a mother with Cadbury candy is something that sticks with anyone, especially a kid.

As a result, he will not be allowed to contact her, directly or indirectly, and he will have to pay an £85 victim surcharge. Nothing has been said yet about whether Humphries will be allowed near Cadbury Mini Eggs, Marshmallow Peeps, or other assorted Easter candies, but they should watch out.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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