‘Call Sean Hannity’ Is The Internet’s Favorite Excuse After Trump’s Iraq Answer At The Debate

One of the most bizarre moments of the first presidential debate occurred when Donald Trump kept shouting for people to call Sean Hannity. This made little sense at first, but revolved around Trump’s enduring lies about his Iraq War stance. Once again, Trump repeated his false claim that he was always against the invasion of Iraq, and this may be the only time in history that Howard Stern ever pops up as a source during such an esteemed event.

That’s not the only odd thing about Trump’s tactics. Not only does he feel no shame, but he’ll keep repeating lies after he’s been proven a liar. So, it doesn’t matter to him that his claim has been disproven via audio of a Howard Stern interview where he seemed cool with the invasion. Trump doesn’t even care that Esquire said, “Donald Trump won’t stop lying” when he quoted his 2004 interview as proof of always opposing a war that started in March 2003.

But Trump had a way to prove he was correct. If only people would call Sean Hannity! He said it four different times because Hannity has aided his lies on the subject. Folks imagined Hannity waiting like this by the phone:

Not that this mattered. Folks, including Keith Olbermann, cracked jokes about why Hannity won’t answer their calls. And the Internet swiftly decided that “call Sean Hannity” was the greatest excuse for any lie or bad deed.

Here’s the full video of Trump’s Iraq War discussion, which involves him shouting for Hannity before spiraling into “We should have taken the oil!” And then he followed up with “ISIS would have never started if we’d taken the oil!” The oil.

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