Jaimie Alexander’s ‘Most Daring Red Carpet Outfit Ever’ Needs A Permanent Censor Bar

The only group of people more gossipy than teenage girls: red carpet photographers. In my limited experience interviewing rich and famous and pretty, I’ve often been placed near the shuttering paparazzi, who, more often than not, are middle-aged men in backward caps that love to talk about who did what when. No slip-up goes unnoticed, no dress unmentioned and pored over, so I can’t imagine the field day the Getty photographers of the world had with Jaimie Alexander’s outfit at the Thor: The Dark World premiere in Hollywood last night.

The Megan Draper look-alike, who plays Sif in the Thor series (and was once on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as a blackmailing high school student), wore what some are calling “the most daring red carpet [dress] ever,” a claim-to-fame that surely disappoints the walking Twizzler known as Tara Reid. If you concentrate only on the front and back squiggles long enough, you can read your fortune. It says, “You stare at the wrong things.”

(via Getty Image)