The Women Who Live As ‘Web Cam Girls’ Reveal The Weirdest Requests They’ve Ever Done

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Being a web cam girl is either one of the best or worst things you could be doing. If you watch Law And Order, it seems like a world of sex slaves and immigrant woman that are forced to showcase their private wares for the camera. In the world of something like Workaholics, though, the cam girls are in charge of what they’re doing and they enjoy it. It’s a job.

Obviously the cam girl is someone providing that live-type of adult entertainment that isn’t quite a brothel, but it also isn’t quite pornography. It’s somewhere in between, usually leading to some odd requests thanks to the anonymity of the camera and the distance between users. Some of these women have shared their weirdest encounters online with The Debrief, and the results are all over the board.

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Nimue Allen:

“One that sticks out in my mind was one guy who wanted me to do exaggerated lip syncing for him. He sent me a YouTube link to perform to, and it was a short opera clip which was repeated. With each repeat, the music slowed down, and got lower, and my performance had to get more and more over the top. He loved the contrast between a pretty girl, and the low voice.”

Miss Mog:

“He likes to come and talk to me for half an hour every now and then about an old PVC dress that he wants to buy from me. That’s it. A conversation about how much he’d love my used fetishwear to add to his collection. Again and again.”

Tansy Blue:

“I did get one guy who wanted me to set up a session outside with my car in which I repeatedly failed to start it, with the cam particularly focusing on the hair on my arms. The cam session would end when my car finally started.”

Christie Berrie:

“He requested that I turn on his webcam feed and publicly humiliate his tiny penis in my room of 100 people. He said he loved my big teeth.”

Some others that stand out were the gent who wanted his “cam girl” to imitate cartoon characters while he did his business on the other end, and then another guy who seemed to get off on defecating himself over and over again. You can check out the full interview here, but just be warned that some of the entries are very NSFW. (Via Bro Bible/ The Debrief)

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