Rap’s More Fun When Cam’ron’s Around

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07.15.14 9 Comments

camron atrak_federal_reserve_ep_cover

Certain artists make what do way more fun. There aren’t a lot of them, but the selected few are a special crew. Off top, Kanye’s the leader of this pack, followed by maybe Drake and Lupe Fiasco. These guys usually either make music or statements that drive discussion and push the culture, in different directions sometimes but still pushing.

Now, I petition that Cam’ron Giles should be included in this troupe. Ever since the “Dipshits” video dropped, Killa’s created a swirl of activity. There’s talk of capes, him opening a restaurant, monthly releases (hear the first one here) coupled with short films, etc. When he pops up on the scene and starts making moves, the Internuts get weepy-eyed and nostalgic, searching for old articles of pink clothing discarded way in the back of the closet and finding themselves in tune with Cam’s moves like it was the early 2000s.

And today, he’s stirred the beehive once again after the first look at the cover for Federal Reserve, his much talked about collaborative EP with A-Trak, made its way to the web. Looking like a relic from the Paid In Full set, the cover depicts items that are classic Cam – a pink automobile with a huge champagne bottle hovering above it and a cityscape tracing the background.

Even though there’s no reveal for when the project will actually release, we do finally get the audio file for “Dipshits,” but that’s not all. Two songs – “So Bad,” featuring Nicki Minaj and Yummy Bingham, and “C.F.W.U.” with Jim Jones & Hell Rell and production by araabMUZIK – both turn up as well, giving Dipstans something to cheer about. With a soul sample soaring through the chorus, “Yummy” is one of those tracks that will remind many of early days – think “Me and My Boo” and “What Means The World To You,” featuring Charli Baltimore and Trina, respectively – Cam as he and Nicki play a tandem in rhymes. And about “C.F.W.U.”? All that needs to be said it Hell Rell.

“Cam certified me on day one
I shot a n**** on day two
Bought a Benz on day three
See why these n****s hatin’ me?
Mr. Ruger, I’m stil is the shooter
We both got a Mac, but his a computer”

Where’s my Dips tee with the eagle holding two burners?

You can’t manufacture that energy or find it in too many people or places in music. But, Cam, he keeps in the stash and that’s why he’s the rap equivalent of the Dos Equis man.

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