Can You Hear The ‘Demon’ Voice That Cops In Indiana Are Taking Very Seriously?

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01.28.14 21 Comments

demon house

Do you see that speck of what could be a person in the photo above, to the right? That smudge and a phone recording have police officers in Gary, Indiana, chasing after demons. It all began in 2012, when Latoya Ammons says she rushed to check on her 12-year-old daughter after hearing screams. When she entered the bedroom, her daughter was allegedly levitating; the little girl didn’t remember it happening the next day. Then this happened:

Ammons claims her childrens’ eyes bulged and they regularly sported evil smiles, effects of their possession. Her youngest child would reportedly sit in a closet and talk to an invisible child that no one could see. She also claims he was once thrown from the bathroom when no one was even near him.

A clairvoyant claimed their house was “haunted by more than 200 demons,” which is 200 more demons than any house should have. Gary police Capt. Charles Austin originally thought Ammons was making up stories, as a twisted get-rich-quick scheme, but now he’s a believer, and he’s taking the case very seriously.

Ammons’ home was “exorcized” by a catholic priest in a number of ceremonies that were reportedly authorized by the Diocese of Gary. The story apparently became so believable that [police] officers said they were too scared to stay at the house and some city officials wouldn’t even step foot on the property.

The Daily Mail spoke to Austin, who said, “Everyone of us who was there that day in the basement and who saw what we saw, went through what we went through after…we all think the same, we all call it the same. That bit of dirt is a portal to hell.” The Mail also got a hold of a “spine-tingling voice of a ‘demon’ recorded by” Austin. Listen below.

“Hey.” It’s the Baby Goose of demons!

Banner and video via the Daily Mail, via the Blaze

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