Can It Be Doctor Who Season 6 Now Please?

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03.31.11 3 Comments

BBC released the Doctor Who season 6 promo trailer.  There’s an awesome breakdown of screencaps along with which episode they’re probably from and info on that episode over at io9.  I’m not going to try to outgeek them on this one.  I bow to your dedication, io9.

Check out the video below showing scenes from several episodes mixed up into a confusing ball of timey wimey stuff.  So many scenes out of order.  It probably makes perfect sense to Steven Seagal.  He operates outside of the usual bounds of space and time.  Wait, wait, hold up, you guys.  You guys.  Seriously.  I think Steven Seagal might be a time lord.  You guys.  Seriously.

[Video via Blastr. Banner picture: “Doctor Pooh” by Rob Wood via TDW]

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