Canada Does A Really Canadian Thing And Sends A Cheer Up Message To America

Honestly, the people of America could use a little cheering up. This election cycle has left us a deeply divided nation, and it seems like every hour we hear a new story about Donald Trump‘s quest to grope his way through life. While there are certainly some awesome things happening stateside, the constant refrain of “Make America Great Again” has definitely taken its toll. Did America really cease to be great, and if so, how did we let this happen?

Well, our cheerful buddies north of the border are here to remind us that America still is great. Canada, the land of poutine, maple syrup heists, and a shirtless prime minister, took it upon herself to send a little encouragement America’s way with the “Tell America It’s Great” campaign, complete with a video series and Twitter account. Ever living up to their stereotype of perpetual politeness, the “love note” focuses on a group of smiling Canadians rattle of a list of awesome things that America has done, just because. This is a country whose money smells like candy. Of course they’ll send a little sympathetic sunshine (not literally) to their allies in a moment of need. Thanks for being you, Canada.

(Via Tell America It’s Great Youtube/Twitter)